Large Bridging Loans

Specialists in LARGE mortgage loans for high net worth clients with no upfront broker fees

A Bridging Loan is short term loan secured typically on a residential or commercial property asset.

We have close relationships with a vast number of mainstream and private Bridging lenders and in some cases have secured preferential terms for our clients.

Uses for Bridging Finance include :

  • Homeowners who are struggling to find a purchaser for their home can use a Bridge Loan to bridge the gap between the sale of their current home and the completion of the purchase of their next property
  • Auction purchases require you to complete the transaction typically within 28 days. In some cases, a bridge loan can be arranged to allow completion of a purchase within days from application
  • Property investors will often be unable to raise standard mortgage finance on a property which is deemed unmortgageable with mainstream lenders. For example, a derelict property which is effectively a shell would be declined by a mainstream lender but may be acceptable security to a Bridging lender
  • Cash Flow – a Bridge Loan can be used to inject short term capital for business acquisitions, stock purchase, etc.
  • Speed and Convenience – when funds are required quickly, the speed and convenience of Bridging finance, makes it the ideal solution. Bridging loans are frequently being used when the high street banks cannot offer what our client requires.
  • Flexible Process – the process is generally simple and flexible without the rigid criteria that high street lenders require on a standard mortgage application.
  • Non Standard Properties will often be declined by – Bridging can be used for any purpose and can be secured on a residential, semi-commercial and commercial property or land, regardless of construction, type or use.

Bridge lenders can lend up to 75% of the value of the property and in some cases 100% with additional security provided.

In some circumstances, certain lenders can give you access to loan funds after 24 hours.

Many lenders provide the facility to roll the interest payments up within the loan rather than requiring you to pay back the interest on a monthly basis.

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